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Aging, Intimacy and Atheopaganism

Intimacy is the gold standard of human relating. It is the authentic, vulnerable sharing of the inner worlds of those connecting with one another, and is a deeply nourishing, though sometimes scary experience. It is a human need; we thrive when we have it, and often suffer when we don’t.

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GUEST POST: Atheopagan Testify! A Banishing Ritual

A guest post by Kaigi-Ron I needed to purge some major ugliness from my life, and command it to GET LOST, so I could move forward with my life. Banishing Ritual: Cast a circle & call to the 4 directions Inside the circle, you can call on anyone/anything you like…

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GUEST POST: An easy, one-minute daily Atheopagan micro-practice

If you’re unsure where to start with ritual or looking for something new to add to your daily practice, consider trying the 13 o’clock mindful moment.  By Michael H. In Ireland, the first thing you notice about the 6 o’clock news on public television is that it is not…

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What is the Atheopagan Society?

We’re coming up on three years since the nonprofit organization The Atheopagan Society (TAPS) was organized. For some in our community, its role is a bit unclear, so I thought I would write this post explaining it. The Society is a religious…

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COLUMN: Paint by Season, February

Welcome to the second installment of Paint by Season! My name is Raena, and I am an artist, poet, and educator living in Jackson, Wyoming. Paint by Season is a new monthly column where you can follow along with me to create a monthly seasonal painting to celebrate the wonders…

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Post 600

This website was created on August 19, 2014. At that point, it had become unwieldy to share information and resources as Facebook files to our growing community, and it was clearly time to have a publicly accessible venue for development of thought, exploration of ideas, announcement of events and…

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