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Atheopagan Community Priorities Survey

Hi, folks of the Atheopagan community! The Atheopagan Society is gathering data to inform our prioritization of various proposed activities. Please take a moment and fill out this survey–thanks!…

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Who Does That Mark Guy Think He is?

Recently, I have come to thinking about my role in the Atheopagan community. While I am a founder, certainly, I don’t want to be an authority, and I refuse to take on the hierarchical powers that such a role would entail (not that I think most members would want me…

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Talking with Friends and Family About Your Atheopaganism

It can be tricky. With some of them, it can be impossible. So my first recommendation, when it comes to talking about our path with those who don’t share it, is to be aware of your needs, and take care of yourself. If your grandparents are rabid evangelical Christians…

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The Atheopagan Community at Ten Years

(See also The Community Speaks on Atheopaganism, also to be published August 5) Although I researched and wrote my initial essay describing the rationale, worldview, values and approach of Atheopaganism between 2005 and 2009, the path didn’t really start to take off as a movement until…

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FROM THE COMMUNITY: What Atheopaganism Means to Me

It’s Atheopaganism Day! In honor of the tenth anniversary of the Atheopagan Facebook group, which really launched us as a movement and a community, here are some statements from members of the community throughout the world on what their practices mean to them. They reflect the range of approaches,…

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You Can Receive the Monthly Atheopagan Voice!

Formerly only emailed to registered Atheopagan clerics, the Atheopagan Voice newsletter contains resources, seasonal craft projects, recipes and other useful stuff for Atheopagan practitioners. Now you can receive it too! Just go to the website, and sign up with your email address in the field in the sidebar.

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