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Living an Earth-Honoring Path Rooted in Science

Resources & Links

“How I Became an Atheopagan”–an Atheopagan History & Manifesto

The Atheopagan Societya nonprofit religious organization advancing Atheopaganism throughout the world

The Atheopagan Principles

Atheopagan Ritual Planning Workbook

Atheopagan Ritual Primer

Atheopagan App for all phones–handy pocket reference.

Book Club discussion guide for Atheopaganism: An Earth-Honoring Path Rooted in Science.

Atheopagan Hymnal

Atheopagan Event Planning Guide

(Event Budget Template)
(Event Planning Timeline)

For ordained Atheopagan clerics: Atheopagan cleric Introductory Guidebook

Downloadable Atheopagan Handfasting (Marriage) Certificate

Death and Dying Planning Workbook

Recorded Music Recommendations for ritual use

Recipes for Sabbath feasts

A Reading List for Atheopagans. (There is also a Goodreads page for Atheopaganism, and one for Atheopagan kids.)

The 13 Atheopagan Principles–a one-page layout suitable for printing

Atheopaganism brochure for friends and family

Atheopaganism brochure for general outreach and tabling

Atheopagan Facebook group (discussions and community)

Atheopagan YouTube Channel

Atheopagan Goodreads page

Atheopagan Zazzle Store—Bumper stickers, buttons, mugs, Yule cards, t-shirts & more! All proceeds benefit the Atheopagan chosen charity of the year.

Naturalistic Paganism blog

Natural Pagan blog

Naturalistic Pagan Aggregation site

Religious Naturalist Association

Spiritual Naturalist Society

The Great Story–a naturalist cosmology

Some of these are works in progress and may change over time.