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Come and Meet Us!

Suntree Retreat 2024 is coming up, and you’re invited! This biannual in-person gathering of Atheopagans will take place Aug. 30-Sept. 2, at the La Foret Retreat Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It’s a long weekend of workshops, rituals, celebration, socializing, parties and fun!

The last Suntree Retreat, in 2022, was really a high point in my life: a time when, surrounded by like-minded folks, I could really be and express my deepest self. So many meaningful moments!

For more details on what Suntree Retreat feels like, listen to the latest episode of our podcast, The Wonder: Science-Based Paganism, where we interview folks who came last time. Click here for the podcast episode.

All details about the event, a downloadable program and registration information, go to The Atheopagan Society’s website at I hope to see you there!


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