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Discovering Atheopaganism

I never knew there was anyone who felt as I did, who believed as I did. I really feel that I have found my people–that I have come home.

Atheopagan community member

It has been hugely beneficial for me to discover the Atheopagan community. I’ve always struggled to name my spiritual path. I love the nature reverence of modern Paganism but couldn’t subscribe to belief in supernatural entities or magical forces. Atheopaganism gives rational thinkers ways to celebrate our exquisitely beautiful planet and to live ethically.

Atheopagan community member

People don’t generally “convert” to Paganism. They find it, and find it fits. Which makes sense, because Pagans don’t proselytize. We don’t think everyone has to have the same path we have chosen. We’re not trying to take over the world; just to celebrate being a part of it.

That said, what we have to offer is pretty attractive. Better, kinder values. Joy in pleasure, instead of shame about “sin”. A life of adventure and growth. Inclusion of difference.

And what Atheopaganism has to offer is particularly attractive for many of us who have a scientific, reasoning, skeptical bent. Because it doesn’t ask us to believe anything without credible evidence to support it.

As I have sometimes said, it is the spirituality of the verifiably real.

To us, this magnificent Earth, this unfathomably vast Cosmos in all its manifold beauty is enough to inspire the awe and wonder and love that is the religious experience. To give our lives meaning and purpose and vivid color.

All that, without a scrap, a wisp of the supernatural.

Because we don’t need it.

Even if the supernatural exists, we simply wouldn’t need it to be happy, fulfilled, and moved by the experience of living.

This, material world is enough… no, is more than enough for us.

So we’ll be over here, celebrating and ritualizing and paying attention and growing and enjoying the hell out of being alive. If that sounds interesting, well…who knows?

You might find yourself coming home.


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