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Come and Meet Us!

Suntree Retreat 2024 is coming up, and you’re invited! This biannual in-person gathering of Atheopagans will take place Aug. 30-Sept. 2, at the La Foret Retreat Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It’s a long weekend of workshops, rituals, celebration, socializing, parties and…

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Atheopagan Web Weaving 2023

It was virtual, but it felt great. 84 registered attendees. 15 presenters. 8 moderators and other volunteers. One keynote speaker. And a whole weekend of interactions, learning, socializing, fun and friendship. It’s been a couple of weeks now, but I wanted to say something about the…

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Ever Think,”I Should Be Doing Something?”

One of the things about spirituality is that without some effort, it can become a bit…navel-gazing. It’s not a failing, nor anyone’s fault. What we do through our religious paths helps us to grow, heal, and cultivate joy, all of which are internal things. They help us to build…

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REMINDER: Submit Your Presentation Proposals!

Atheopagan Web Weaving 2023 will take place June 3-4 of this year: an opportunity for our community to gather online, see one another’s faces, interact and socialize, and see great presentations by our members…and we need your presentation to really make the schedule hum!…

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ANNOUNCING: Atheopagan Web Weaving 2023

Hi, everyone! The Atheopagan Society is excited to announce a two-day online conference for our community, the Atheopagan Web Weaving 2023, on June 3-4. The event will feature workshops, presentations, socializing, rituals, and other experiences, with lots of opportunities for engagement and interaction with your fellow…

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Suntree Retreat 2022: A Revelation

Suntree Retreat 2022 has come and gone, and now I have to try to communicate this amazing, moving, inspiring event and how it has affected me, as well as its implications for the Atheopagan community going forward. My voyage to get there took 2-1/2 days, carpooling with fellow…

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