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REMINDER: Submit Your Presentation Proposals!

Atheopagan Web Weaving 2023 will take place June 3-4 of this year: an opportunity for our community to gather online, see one another’s faces, interact and socialize, and see great presentations by our members…and we need your presentation to really make the schedule hum!

Please CLICK HERE to download the 1-page presentation proposal form, fill it out with your cool idea for something to share with our community, and email it to by midnight on Jan. 31.

You can share workshops, rituals, performances, crafting sessions, etc. Here are some ideas:

  • Mental Health and Ritual Practice
  • How to make a (ritual or divinatory tool, Oracle deck, etc.)
  • Spice and Kitchen Witchery
  • Introduction to Ritual Design (avoiding CA, gender essentialism)
  • Healing Ourselves, Healing Our World
  • Activism Workshop/How to do a Lobbying Visit/How AP comm. Can be more activist
  • Approaches to confronting the Inner Critic
  • Chants and Singing
  • Getting started: creating a Focus, adapting a wheel of the year
  • Tinctures and Oils
  • Foraging
  • Living Atheopaganism—paying attention, learning local nature, having a daily practice, etc.
  • Art share
  • Divination
  • Science-based herbalism
  • Science and history based workshops/lectures
  • Percussion cacophony workshop
  • Improving accessibility for the disabled in Atheopagan rituals
  • Clerical skills training
  • Kids’/Family activities
  • Grief processing and Atheopaganism

We look forward to seeing your proposal(s)!


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