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Feeling the Heat

It’s 104 degrees F. (40 C.) outside my house right now. It’ll go higher tomorrow; a gigantic heat dome has formed over the American West and temperatures are spiking to insane levels. With this year already poised to break last year’s all-time heat record worldwide, climate change is here, bringing fire, destruction and death.

Meanwhile, in human affairs, this week the right-wing plants “Justices” of the US Supreme Court declared the President largely above the law, creating an imperial Presidency that is dangerous not only to its citizens, but to the world. They also radically curtailed the power of our federal government to enforce environmental regulations.

Elsewhere, the racist right is preparing to take over France.

Make no mistake: the right is the enemy of humanity. And the heat is on.

These are times when it might be easy to just give up. Stop following the news, try to stop caring about the future. And if you have to do some amount of that to take care of yourself, well, I think you should.


I’m angry.

These fascist nitwits have stolen my country from me and they threaten the single most Sacred thing to me, which is the fabric of life on Earth. Your future, and mine, and all the human futures to come. All the creatures going extinct. All the beauty, the wonder, the marvels of this place for which they have such dismissive contempt.

There is no bottom for these people. There is no act or statement too outrageously awful for them.

Well, I dissent.

And even if I’m eventually on my way to some kind of reeducation camp, I won’t go quietly.

I’m not giving up. I’m doubling down.

Donald Trump needs to not be elected. And I’m going to do whatever I can, little as it may be, to see to it that the drooling, selfish mob of casual bigots and meanspirited self-styled Christians who support him are disappointed in November.

It’s easy to get angry when it’s boiling hot. And it’s going to be a long, hot summer.


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