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Now Comes the Tainted Holiday

It’s American Thanksgiving again. Time for turkey, stuffing, cranberries and cognitive dissonance. Like so much of the history of the United States of America, Thanksgiving is a happy smiley story layered over appalling crimes against humanity. Ask the Wampanoag what they feel about the meal…

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The Atheopagan Libation–A Ritual We Can Share Globally

Recently, as we interviewed her for THE WONDER podcast, guest Susan Paterson of the Atheopagan Society Council suggested that it would be cool if there were a particular ritual that was shared by Atheopagan practitioners all over the world. I love this…

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New Title, Better Boundaries

If you’re familiar with this site, you may have noticed that the title has changed. Now, it is “Mark Green’s Atheopaganism Blog”. That’s to make it clear that the thoughts, opinions, ideas, and resources presented here are mine. Not necessarily those of the nonprofit…

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On Community

Hey, folks. In case you just joined us: We are working to build something here: a community. A community. People of common heart and shared values. Even though we–Atheopagans–are spread far apart. Even though it usually takes the Internet for us to be together. In many ways, it’s…

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A Paradoxical Trip

So, I’m flying today, to help the environment. Seriously. I’m on a work trip to lobby in Washington, D.C., meeting with Congressional and Senatorial offices to promote wilderness protections and promote the designation of three new National Monuments. If ever there were a net-benefit reason to put that carbon in…

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Happy Atheopagan Anniversary!

Today, August 5, is the 11-year anniversary of the launching of the Atheopagan community. The Facebook group was created on this day. Although the essay (which became the book) dates back to 2005, this is the anniversary I celebrate. Because this is the day when one guy’s ideas started creating…

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