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A Mood

I have been thinking… No. I have been feeling about this community of people, the nontheist Pagan community. I have been feeling because sometimes such appreciation, such gratitude wells up in me to be with you all. So a wrote a thing. THIS Community We’re having none of the…

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Presenting the Atheopagan cleric Introductory Guidebook!

This guidance resource for Atheopagan clerics includes information on legal rights and responsibilities, pastoral counseling (and what it isn’t), conducting weddings, working with the dying and grieving and conducting funerary rites, and other rites of passage. Check it out! Click here to download!…

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Here Come the Atheopagans!

When I first wrote an essay outlining the rationale, Principles and practices of Atheopaganism, I did it for myself, to sort out my thinking and decidedly mixed experience of the Pagan community. That was in 2008-2009. After it was done and I was settling into my…

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So, um…Wanna Get Ordained?

Today, I learned something amazing: In the U.S., if your religious organization’s income is ordinarily expected to be $5,000 per year or less, YOU DON’T HAVE TO FILE FOR TAX EXEMPT STATUS! What this means is that The Atheopagan Society is ALREADY a tax-exempt nonprofit.

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Introducing the Atheopaganism App

It’s amazing what you can do—absolutely free!—on the Internet now. It turns out, you can create a lively and dynamic app that lives on the web, so a shortcut to it serves as a phone app for any platform. And you can do that without knowing how to code. I…

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That Shameful Secret

For some, it’s the atheism. For others, the Paganism. And for others still, of course, both. There is a lot of prejudice and delusion out there, and people jealously guard their beliefs. When confronted with someone who believes differently, many of them…well, not to put too fine a…

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