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Presenting THE WONDER: Science-Based Paganism (Launches Today!)

The podcast is a reality! You can listen to or download the first episode here or through any of the major podcast distribution channels (Apple, Google Play, etc.—though it may take a few days for this first episode to propagate through the various purveyors). Arwen and I…

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Growing Light, Coming Changes: Introducing THE WONDER

The days grow steadily longer, and in my area the daffodils and poppies are up and blooming now. We’ve had unseasonably (? Climate change…) warm and dry weather throughout February and it’s looking like another drought year, but for now the hills and meadows are green and the bare trees…

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The Last Pantheacon, and What’s Next

Pantheacon, the largest indoor gathering of Pagans in North America, is no more. For a variety of reasons, Glenn Turner, the organizer, has decided to close it down and is retiring. I have been associated with PCon for a very long time. I attended the first one…

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Growth is Change

Paganism generally—and Atheopaganism specifically—comprise intersecting sets of growing communities. And as we grow, we change. Generally, for example, the Atheopaganism Facebook group has been a very kind, warm context, but there has been more friction lately, and a need for more hands-on moderation. This is inevitable. When we were a…

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The Long Game

It’s not looking so great for the future of the world right now, is it? The machinations of Vladimir Putin to stir up nativist and racist sentiments in the UK and US have led to disastrous results: the Trump election and Brexit. Both are systematically destroying the liberal democratic traditions…

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