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Introducing the Atheopaganism App

It’s amazing what you can do—absolutely free!—on the Internet now. It turns out, you can create a lively and dynamic app that lives on the web, so a shortcut to it serves as a phone app for any platform. And you can do that without knowing how to code. I…

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That Shameful Secret

For some, it’s the atheism. For others, the Paganism. And for others still, of course, both. There is a lot of prejudice and delusion out there, and people jealously guard their beliefs. When confronted with someone who believes differently, many of them…well, not to put too fine a…

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Funding the Startup of The Atheopagan Society (with updates)

UPDATE MAY 31: WE HAVE REACHED OUR GOAL! Thanks to all our generous donors! Here it is, folks! We’re getting close to being ready to file for legal and nonprofit status for The Atheopagan Society, and need to raise the money to pay the fees. All donors (except…

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Blue-Skying Under Quarantine

We are the people of the future, and we are organizing.   So, there is going to be an Atheopagan religious nonprofit. As the working group (composed of Atheopagan scientists, Facebook group moderators, and other key supporters) comes together to work on this, I’m trying to dream…

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UPDATED: A Concept for Your Consideration: The Atheopagan Foundation (or something)

We have a discussion thread right now on the Atheopaganism Facebook group about “institutional religion”, and in it, I have made very clear that I don’t ever want to see Atheopaganism incorporated as a “church” or a legal religious institution. Atheopaganism is for everyone…

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Two Thousand and Counting

Atheopaganism started out with me talking to myself. Fifteen years ago, after two appalling experiences in the Pagan community, I quit. I retreated from the community and my friends, I let my altar gather dust, and I abandoned my rituals and observances. But soon I missed my ritual life, and…

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