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AtheopaganCon: An Aspiration [POSTSCRIPT: We did it!]

For some time now, folks online and in the Zoom chats have referred now and again to “APCon”, an imagined in-person gathering where we can meet, discuss our path, socialize, and share community. Real hugs (with consent, of course)!

With the vaccine coming online and hope beginning to stir about life after COVID-19, I am starting to think about this as more than just a dream. I would love to see in person as many as possible of the wonderful, amazing people I have met through Atheopagan Zoom and online forums.

Accordingly, I have created a short survey about the concept of APCon that I would appreciate your filling out. The results will tell us just how much real interest there is out there in an event like this, and what kinds of activities it might include.

To take the survey, please click here.

[In May of 2022, 48 Atheopagans gathered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA for the SUNTREE RETREAT, the first of what we hope will be many such in-person gatherings. It was beautiful!]


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