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You Can Receive the Monthly Atheopagan Voice!

Formerly only emailed to registered Atheopagan clerics, the Atheopagan Voice newsletter contains resources, seasonal craft projects, recipes and other useful stuff for Atheopagan practitioners. Now you can receive it too! Just go to the website, and sign up with your email address in the field in the sidebar.

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Please Support My Work

Hey, folks, this is an appeal for you to join my Patreon. Patreon support is critically important to me right now and is helping to keep Nemea and me afloat while I write the next Atheopaganism book. I treasure my Patrons and recognize all of them (except the ones who…

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Atheopaganism, Cultural Appropriation and Creating New Culture

Atheopaganism as I initially described it in my essay and book was intended to create new culture: a modern Earth-revering Paganism. Rather than drawing on existing cultures or ancient ones, the oldest element directly incorporated into Atheopaganism is the “Wheel of the…

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Doing It Right

I have done things in my life that I am ashamed of. They are things that when I think of them–even though I no longer think in these terms–I think, “it takes a bad person to do that”. Not often, but I have done them. And I have been on…

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Suntree Retreat 2022: A Revelation

Suntree Retreat 2022 has come and gone, and now I have to try to communicate this amazing, moving, inspiring event and how it has affected me, as well as its implications for the Atheopagan community going forward. My voyage to get there took 2-1/2 days, carpooling with fellow…

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Welcome to the Resistance (US)

With the leak of a draft opinion overturning the pivotal Supreme Court ruling Roe v. Wade, which guaranteed all people with uteruses the right to an abortion through the first trimester of pregnancy, shock waves are rippling across the United States. It won’t stop here.

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