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Living an Earth-Honoring Path Rooted in Science

Ever Think,”I Should Be Doing Something?”

One of the things about spirituality is that without some effort, it can become a bit…navel-gazing. It’s not a failing, nor anyone’s fault. What we do through our religious paths helps us to grow, heal, and cultivate joy, all of which are internal things. They help us to build…

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GUEST POST: A New Year’s Ritual

by Danford and Hawthorne Happy Belated New Years, Atheopagans! I hope your year has been kind to you so far <3 ManifestationLike many Atheopagans, I try to celebrate the turning of the Gregorian Calendar with special occasions.This usually involves beer, friends, and sharing New Year’s Resolutions (perhaps more beer thanresolutions,…

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The State of the Atheopagan Community 2023

Hello, lovely community! It’s been awhile since I wrote a general report on everything that’s going on, and it’s State of the Union address time in the U.S., so I thought I’d do one of our own. We have a lot happening! Here’s the lowdown: The…

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NATURALISTIC PAGANISM: A Challenge to the Paradigms of the Overculture

A Presentation to the 2023 Conference on Current Pagan Studies: January 15, 2023 THANKS for inviting me to present to the 19th annual Conference on Current Pagan Studies! I’d like to extend my appreciation to the organizers and co-creators of this event. We live in times of deep crises: Effects…

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COLUMN: Paint By Season/January 2023

Welcome to Paint by Season! My name is Raena Parsons, and I am an artist, poet, and educator living in Jackson, Wyoming. Paint by Season is a new monthly column where you can follow along with me to create a monthly seasonal painting to celebrate the wonders of that…

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