An Earth-honoring religious path rooted in science

COLUMN: Paint By Season/January 2023

Welcome to Paint by Season! My name is Raena Parsons, and I am an artist, poet, and educator living in Jackson, Wyoming. Paint by Season is a new monthly column where you can follow along with me to create a monthly seasonal painting to celebrate the wonders of that…

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Guest Post: My Atheopagan Life (Pt. 1)

by Holly H. I began taking a meandering path towards Atheopaganism when I left Protestant Christianity in my early teens. As a thirteen year old who had recently become alienated from the concept of deities following the death of my grandfather, I took a walk along a canal tow-path in…

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Imagining Ancestors

Much as the Christian Overculture has made it its business to erase, co-opt or appropriate pre-existing religions in the West–as well as to eradicate and supplant other cultures and traditions throughout the world–archeology presents us with treasures now and…

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It’s been awhile since I mentioned our podcast, THE WONDER: Science-Based Paganism, hosted by Yucca and myself. We’ve been publishing for about 20 months now, and I hope you will check us out! For your convenience, here are links to the episodes published to date. Enjoy! Interview: Sedna…

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