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A Straight, Cis Dude’s Reflection on Pride

They make it all about sex. The sneerers and spitters, the blithe dismissers, the judging castigators who allege that being queer is just about who you rub your body parts against. Who you create orgasms with. The hatred is bound up with the sex. They simply hate and fear sex.

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May Day: What do YOU Think?

Atheopaganism is a religious path in a general sense, but it’s really a diverse set of individual paths that each of us crafts for ourselves, using pieces of my work or the work of other community members and our own creativity and spirituality. That’s the way we want it!…

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COLUMN: Paint By Season/January 2023

Welcome to Paint by Season! My name is Raena Parsons, and I am an artist, poet, and educator living in Jackson, Wyoming. Paint by Season is a new monthly column where you can follow along with me to create a monthly seasonal painting to celebrate the wonders of that…

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Guest Post: My Atheopagan Life (Pt. 1)

by Holly H. I began taking a meandering path towards Atheopaganism when I left Protestant Christianity in my early teens. As a thirteen year old who had recently become alienated from the concept of deities following the death of my grandfather, I took a walk along a canal tow-path in…

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Imagining Ancestors

Much as the Christian Overculture has made it its business to erase, co-opt or appropriate pre-existing religions in the West–as well as to eradicate and supplant other cultures and traditions throughout the world–archeology presents us with treasures now and…

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It’s been awhile since I mentioned our podcast, THE WONDER: Science-Based Paganism, hosted by Yucca and myself. We’ve been publishing for about 20 months now, and I hope you will check us out! For your convenience, here are links to the episodes published to date. Enjoy! Interview: Sedna…

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