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Join Us for “Atheopaganism U.”!

Please note that the first session of Atheopaganism U. is filled. If you would like to be put on the list for the next session, please use the Contact page form. I’m excited to announce that I am launching an online course in the Atheopagan path, “Atheopaganism U.”, with…

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A Quick Navigation Guide to the Site

There is now a lot of material on Atheopaganism on this site! Here are some pointers for finding the information and resources you may be seeking. The founding essay describing how I came to arrive at and envision the naturalistic Pagan path of Atheopaganism is here. A video introduction…

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The Rise of an Atheopagan

A guest post by Rachel. Reblogged from The term ‘Atheopagan’ I first learned from this blog: Atheopaganism, but the basis and principles had been growing in me before I realised there could be a name for it. It was just an idea, a notion of loving mythology and ancient…

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The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award is handed around the Internet to bring attention to smaller blogs that the nominator thinks are worthy of attention and reading. So thank you to Laurel at The Walking Druid for nominating me for it! I hope it leads to more folks discovering this site, and…

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