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May Day: What do YOU Think?

Atheopaganism is a religious path in a general sense, but it’s really a diverse set of individual paths that each of us crafts for ourselves, using pieces of my work or the work of other community members and our own creativity and spirituality.

That’s the way we want it! I hope your Atheopagan practice is exactly as you want it to be so it brings you the most meaning, wonder, joy and inspiration possible. You can hear about the diverse ideas, rituals and observances of some Atheopagans on our YouTube channel and through the guest posts here and on the Wonder podcast; feel free to borrow anything that strikes your fancy as you build your own practice.

Having said all that, there are some commonalities we ask of those who join our communities, like endorsing the 13 Principles. That isn’t because we (or I) want to be dogmatic–it’s because if we all share a common ethical lexicon built around inclusion and kindness and other such compassionate values, we will get along well and create a safe environment for everyone, including the marginalized.

We’re rolling around to May Day season again, and I’m looking forward to dancing around a Maypole for the first time in several years, and I’m spending a lot of time minimally clothed with the soft spring air on my skin. I love this season and look forward to celebrating every year.

But I’ve been writing here about May Day and ways to celebrate it (both sexy and non-sexy) for nearly 10 yearly cycles now. I’ve pretty well tapped my ideas for the season’s rituals: I have my favorites and try to repeat them every year.

What I’m interested in at this point is: what do YOU think? What are your cool ideas for celebrating the Sabbath at the beginning of May?

Because this is the way we work in the Atheopagan community: we are a kind of collective think tank where we share our ritual and celebration ideas with one another and develop our individual practices using the elements that appeal to us.

So let’s hear it in the comments! What will you be doing to celebrate the May Day season this year?


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