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Happy Atheopagan Anniversary!

Today, August 5, is the 11-year anniversary of the launching of the Atheopagan community. The Facebook group was created on this day.

Although the essay (which became the book) dates back to 2005, this is the anniversary I celebrate. Because this is the day when one guy’s ideas started creating a movement that would be about so much more than just him.

11 years is a long time in Neopagan terms. A lot can change.

Consider, for example: the first legally-recognized Pagan church, the Church of All Worlds, was incorporated in 1968. 11 years later, Drawing Down the Moon and The Spiral Dance were published, two books that drove exponential growth in Paganism in the 1980s. That’s a huge growth curve in a short 11 year span.

Similarly with us. We’re 5,000 strong now, more or less, with a legally recognized nonprofit organization, mixers, a podcast, video resources, conferences and retreats, and more than 30 affinity groups. We have grown so much, and shared so much!

Who knows where we will be in another 11 years?


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