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Atheopagan Community Priorities Survey

Hi, folks of the Atheopagan community! The Atheopagan Society is gathering data to inform our prioritization of various proposed activities. Please take a moment and fill out this survey–thanks!


  1. Hello Mark and Friends,
    Although I am not myself Atheopagan, I read every word of your online writing. I recognize its importance to the evolution of thought. Would you like me to answer your questionnaire? I hesitate. I am thinking I won’t, just because my responses might not be relevant to your purpose.

    I never ask anyone to tell me what to do, but, what shall I do? Tell me.
    Gretchen Williams

  2. Hi, Gretchen! I think in this case it’s better to leave answering this questionnaire to people who are actively participating in the Atheopagan path. Thanks for asking!

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