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New Title, Better Boundaries

If you’re familiar with this site, you may have noticed that the title has changed. Now, it is “Mark Green’s Atheopaganism Blog”.

That’s to make it clear that the thoughts, opinions, ideas, and resources presented here are mine. Not necessarily those of the nonprofit Atheopagan Society, which is administered by a Council on which I have one of thirteen seats.

We are evolving and growing as a community, and it is deeply important to me that Atheopaganism not be “mine”. So this is a step to ensure that the community and its collective activities are directed by itself, not by me, and that includes speech.

Nothing will change here, content-wise. Sometimes it’s personal reflections, sometimes it’s hopefully-helpful stuff about rituals and practices, sometimes it’s news about what’s happening in the community (though this will be reflected elsewhere online as well).

I am also going to be drawing back from some social media engagement where my posts might be confused for speaking for the community as a whole. I’ve created a new Reddit account, for example. Just cleaner that way, all the way around.

So for “official” Atheopagan stuff, go to the Atheopagan Society site (which also links to a bunch of resources here, which is fine by me). This is just about me, my practice, my thoughts about the Principles and values, etc.



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