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The Doomsaying Simply Isn’t Helping: More on My Exchange with John Halstead

I really think my friend John Halstead has missed the most salient points of my recent post, “Why the Doomsters are completely wrong”. His response glosses over my most important critiques of his position and mischaracterizes others. First and foremost, though claiming the space…

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Why the Doomsters are Completely Wrong

My friend John Halstead has published Die Early and Often: Being Attis in the  Anthropocene, recently reprinted in Medium. In it, he argues that the job of humanity now is to die gracefully: to accept that extinction is coming and work to leave a legacy that supports…

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What if..?

What if we lived in a world that respected knowledge and expertise? That embraced kindness and compassion as the most important human qualities? The culture of which ensured that every mouthful of food, every day of living was acknowledged as a gift of the Sacred Earth? That saw poetry, art,…

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UPDATE: The Atheopagan Society. Also, Please Stay Home.

Well, the new nonprofit has a name! The Working Group selected The Atheopagan Society (TAPS) as our monicker. We hope to move relatively quickly in developing the documents we need to file for incorporation in California and federal tax exemption, but there are a lot of policies and details to…

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Earth Day, and Happy Silence

Since the beginning of the shelter-in-place order in response to the coronavirus pandemic, it has been utterly gorgeous here. The skies are clear and the green mountains stand out crisply. The mustard is golden in the vineyards, and the forests are growing bright new leaves. The silence broken only by…

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Beyond the Walls: Reflections

So it’s been a month now since the shelter-in-place orders and the dawning realization of just how serious this pandemic really is. I feel grateful  that this disease hasn’t touched my life yet. But I recognize that it is only a matter  of time. I’m starting to see signs of…

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