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UPDATE: The Atheopagan Society. Also, Please Stay Home.

Well, the new nonprofit has a name! The Working Group selected The Atheopagan Society (TAPS) as our monicker. We hope to move relatively quickly in developing the documents we need to file for incorporation in California and federal tax exemption, but there are a lot of policies and details to…

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Earth Day, and Happy Silence

Since the beginning of the shelter-in-place order in response to the coronavirus pandemic, it has been utterly gorgeous here. The skies are clear and the green mountains stand out crisply. The mustard is golden in the vineyards, and the forests are growing bright new leaves. The silence broken only by…

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Beyond the Walls: Reflections

So it’s been a month now since the shelter-in-place orders and the dawning realization of just how serious this pandemic really is. I feel grateful  that this disease hasn’t touched my life yet. But I recognize that it is only a matter  of time. I’m starting to see signs of…

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REBLOGGED: Paganism in the time of coronavirus – part 3: Virtual rituals

Some useful observations and tips for performing virtual rituals online. I will be starting to try this soon myself!…

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On Authenticity

Many religious people and paths—including many Pagans and Pagan traditions—place a great premium on claims of authenticity: that their mythologies, traditions and practices are, for want of a better word, “real”. “Real” ancient lore or rites. “Real” narratives about god/desses. “Real” translations of “real” ancient texts. “Real” rituals, real traditions,…

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Love in the Time of the Coronavirus

Hello, Atheopagans. By now, everyone knows about the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. It’s spreading rapidly and it has killed more than 3,800 people worldwide as of this writing. It appears to have a mortality rate in excess of 2%. To put that in context, the 1918 “Spanish” (it wasn’t) flu pandemic…

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