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Living an Earth-Honoring Path Rooted in Science

Opening to Subtle Changes

A lot of what being a Pagan is about is paying attention. Being connected to the world and to yourself means being aware of subtle feelings and changes in conditions that many around us simply may not notice. Some of this is knowing the Earth lore for your region: what…

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An Appeal

I don’t usually flog this much–I make a mention in the Facebook group once a month or so, but that’s all–but I have a Patreon account to help support my creation and promotion of Atheopagan ideas, resources, events and art. Patreon is a pretty…

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An Appreciation

It’s Summer’s End weekend—or Lammas, or Lughansadh, if you prefer—and we are busily baking bread and baking in our sweltering home. I’ve written before about what this Sabbath means to me, but I’m putting together the final lesson of Atheopaganism U., and I have…

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Patriotism and Ritual Cleansing

It’s the 4th of July: Independence Day in the U.S., a time of patriotic celebration. I am a patriot. By that, I mean that I 1) love the land, water, air, creatures and people of the United States, and want the best for them; 2) I am well familiar with…

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A Solar Reflection

It’s the day after Midsummer—at least, here in the Northern Hemisphere—and it’s hot and sunny, as one would expect. Meanwhile, the chaos weather of global climate change goes on: Banff had 25 cm of snow last night. I had a quiet Midsummer: set out my…

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On a Foggy Summer Morning

It’s a soft, foggy morning: the kind we often have in coastal Northern California summers, where inland heat has pulled cool, moist air from the ocean over us like a gray flannel blanket. The fog will burn off in late morning. leaving a perfectly temperate, sunny day. Great for gardens…

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