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In Memoriam: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

I was stunned and appalled to learn last night of the death of US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Justice Ginsburg was a giant of the law, and a shero of women’s rights. For a much more in-depth profile of her than I can research or write, visit…

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On Appeasing Gods

I can understand right now, with giant fires bearing down on us, and billowing toxic smoke and plague in the air, how people less informed about the nature of the world would try to put a face on these implacable forces and somehow petition them for relief. I…

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The Reality Settles In

I ‘m hearing it all over: the days are blending into one another. Every week is the same. My memory sucks. I feel anxious all the time. I’m depressed. I’m feeling it, too. Even though I still get to go to work every week (and yes, that feels like…

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Time + Tenacity = Hope

Story time! Time to visit my Really Not Finest Hour. There’s going to be a lunar eclipse on Saturday, July 4. As many of us know, the Moon’s phases run in roughly 19 year cycles. What that means is that 19 years ago, a full Moon with a lunar…

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Settling for the Awesome Universe

Goddesses and gods. Fairies and ghosts. Magic spells and hexes. Dragons and griffons and mermaids. Epic. Mythic. Heroic. Awesome. Well of course they are. We are story-telling creatures, and who doesn’t love a good story? If these were pedestrian tales, and boring, why would we listen to them? Why would…

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GUEST POST: By Helping Your Community, You’re Helping the World

By Meredith Jones The world is a truly unforgiving place, which is why we all need to band together, look out for each other, and help one another. Of course, there are those who need more help than others, and it’s for their benefit that we’ve created this list. The…

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