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When Life is Hard

It’s been a tough few months. Within the space of three days at the beginning of May, we received a 60-day notice to move (illegally, as it turns out), and had to euthanize Miri, the Very Soft Cat. The housing market around here is a nightmare and it took more…

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Deep Paganism

Thinking a lot today about deep Paganism: what it means to live in the world a fundamentally different way, in connection and relationship with and celebration of Life and reality. In wisdom, and generosity and kindness, in joy and pleasure, and in responsibility and respect. At that level, Paganism isn’t…

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The Unavoidable Bargain

In my culture, we try to pretend we don’t have to make the deal. But we do. With the passage of years, we pass from our youth. And if we are wise, we make a sound bargain for what comes in return. But in my culture, most don’t. First, they…

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Bring Me That Horizon

In 2015, it was our home of 18 years being sold out from under us, and having to move, but having no money. In 2016, it was unemployment, deep depression and financial desperation. In 2017, it was the Tubbs wildfire, which evacuated us for 9 days, came within a half-block…

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In the Silken Air

At this time of year, I like to spend as much time without clothing as possible. The soft Spring air is delightful, caressing my body, and it just feels liberating and alive to be naked. Now, this isn’t for everyone, and I’m not saying it should be. You have…

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Joy Hunt

It’s been a long time. I mean, a really long time. For many of us, since long before even the pandemic. Since we strode, or ran, or wheeled, or paddled into the wild, lungs gulping precious air, consumed with The Moment of Aliveness. Or, being unable to do…

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