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What if..?

What if we lived in a world that respected knowledge and expertise?

That embraced kindness and compassion as the most important human qualities?

The culture of which ensured that every mouthful of food, every day of living was acknowledged as a gift of the Sacred Earth?

That saw poetry, art, music, rituals, happiness as every bit as important as money?

In which every person felt loved, supported, and at home?

In which the passages of the seasons, of birth, adulthood, aging and death were celebrated as sacred milestones?

That’s the world Atheopaganism is working to bring about.

Our goals are simple, and revolutionary: Happiness. Kindness. Compassion. Equality. And right relation to the Sacred Earth of which we are a part.

I—me, personally, this guy who is writing—want you to be happier. I want you to have a life filled with meaning and joy.

I want you to feel connected with others in community, if you so choose.

I want you to know to your bones that you are a welcome child of the unfolding Universe: a unique jewel that offers what no one else can.

Let those who think atheism is dry and sterile keep kidding themselves if they wish.

Meanwhile, we are here, drinking the intoxicating elixir of living.

There is so much beauty to be had, if we choose to embrace it.



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