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UPDATE: The Atheopagan Society. Also, Please Stay Home.

Well, the new nonprofit has a name! The Working Group selected The Atheopagan Society (TAPS) as our monicker.

We hope to move relatively quickly in developing the documents we need to file for incorporation in California and federal tax exemption, but there are a lot of policies and details to be worked out. The Working Group is meeting by Zoom on Saturdays, though we may move around so members who haven’t been able to participate can attend.

Meanwhile, I have been working on stuff for the new Society. TAPS will need a website, so I am building one; I have bought the domain “” to ensure we have a good URL.

The trickiest part of this thus far is that I want people to be able to register on the website as Atheopagan “clergy”, giving them the right to perform weddings and so forth just as the Universal Life Church does. I believe I have solved the problem of creating a popup form on the proper page which is linked to a MailChimp account.

I think.

In other news, there’s this pandemic thingy going on and people are getting tired of it, so they’re rationalizing reopening businesses and ordinary activities. This is right in line with what happened in 1918, prompting a second and deadlier wave of that pandemic, and I’d just like to go on the record as saying that it is crashingly stupid and irresponsible.

Peoples’ lives are at stake, and that has to be the priority. And government should step up to help blah blah blah but we know damned well in the US that so long as the traitor Mitch McConnell runs the Senate, that ain’t gonna happen.

So please do for yourself, your loved ones and those who are most vulnerable among us what our institutions are too gutless to do: stay home, and stay safe. It’s getting old, for certain, and it doesn’t help that there is beautiful weather out there for many of us. But please: do it anyway.

For those of us working as first responders and in essential industries, take all precautions and be as safe as you can. I’m proud of you and grateful for your service. Thank you.



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