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The State of the Path: Atheopaganism in 2019

Atheopaganism is a particular spiritual/religious path: a subset of both Paganism and atheism. There are other atheistic Pagan paths, so ours isn’t the only one, but our particular path has now existed for ten years and has been steadily growing for five. I thought that for my first post of…

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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS for the Atheopagan Blog

Atheopaganism is a collaborative enterprise: a constellation of individual practices that share certain things in common, like a naturalistic cosmology, a set of values and …

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SF Bay Atheopagans: Join Us on Dec. 9!

Atheopagans and friends are welcomed to join us for a potluck early winter gathering and nontheist Yule ritual on Sunday, Dec. 9, at the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists, Connie Barbour room (1606 Bonita Ave, at the corner of Cedar St. in Berkeley—map link here). The gathering…

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A Reminder: Atheopaganism Has a Patreon!

Providing thoughtful material and useful resources for Atheopagans and managing our growing community on Facebook (1,139 members as of today!) takes time, reflection, and work. I do it because I truly feel called to the task, and gratified that so many are gravitating to our Pagan, atheist path. It is…

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Visions of the Crash

We are warned now that we may have only a dozen years before global climate change reaches the 2 degree C. tipping point that will render Earth’s climate so unstable as to create ongoing crises in health, agriculture and, fundamentally, human survival. Our population…

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Talking to Kids about the Cycle of Seasons

A guest post by Editor B. This past equinox marks the seventh year running that I’ve come in to my daughter’s school to talk to her class about the cycle of seasons. I started in 2012, when my daughter was in Pre-K. She and most of her classmates were four…

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