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Atheopagan Events at Pantheacon 2019 [UPDATED!]

Though we were disappointed that Atheopagan submissions for presentation at Pantheacon weren’t accepted to the official schedule this year, that’s not slowing us down! We have three events scheduled in hospitality suites this year, including the popular annual Nontheist Pagan Mixer.

The events are:

  • FACING FORWARD: A talk on nontheist Paganism: 1-2:00 pm Saturday, in the Fire Family Suite (Room 247). How is human religious behavior evolving? Where is it likely to go, and how does nontheist Paganism fit into that trend?
  • Nontheist Pagan Mixer: immediately following “Facing Forward”, from 2-3:30 in the Fire Family Suite (Room 247). Wine and snacks served. Enjoy fellowship and conversation with like-minded Pagans!
  • An Introduction to Atheopaganism: Now at 12-1 pm SUNDAY, in the CAW Suite (Room 251). What is the Pagan path of Atheopaganism, and how did it evolve? What are its ritual practices, ethical principles and cosmology, and why are these well-suited to people of today? Come here this introductory talk and ask all your questions!

I’m grateful to the Church of All Worlds and the Fire Family (Spark Collective) for hosting these events. If you’re going to Pantheacon, be sure to join us!


  1. I applaud your efforts; will say that as much as there are those who may follow your ideas. does not mean they will follow you physically. Among the many in this country are those (me included) who still hold to the older ways of Paganism. So, not getting the numbers (people wise) is of no surprise. Everything still takes time for the changes that happen. Reaching out to the many is far easier said than done. The other factor and it needs to be taken into account; is the age factor. As an example I am 73 and yes liberal in thought and action; still I am comfortable with my old ways. NOTHING ever goes quickly even though the thoughts are there and perhaps the exchange of messages as well. wish you the best.

    1. Thank you! I’ve been gratified at Pantheacon for the past few years in that we’ve had very high turnout for our Atheopagan events–it seems there is a lot of interest in the community.

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