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A Gift to the Community

An anonymous artist has gifted the two beautiful images below for non-commercial usage of the Atheopagan community. Enjoy–print for your Focus or wherever you’d like a reminder of your Atheopagan practice! The artist would like to acknowledge which provided background textures. These images are licensed…

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One-Handed Ponderings and Updates

It’s been more than a week since I broke my arm, and as a result, my writing has slowed to a crawl. Between pain, ongoing hassles with trying to arrange medical care, and the simple inconvenience of typing one-handed, this is no longer the easy medium it has always been…

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THE WINNER! Your New Atheopagan Symbol

We gotta winner! We went through an extensive process and considered many possibilities, but in the end this symbol was the overwhelming favorite in the final round of voting to select an Atheopagan symbol. Congratulations to Linden Weaver and Rua Lupa for the concept…

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FINAL ROUND: Atheopagan Symbol Contest

Okay, here we go! We’re almost there. This is the final grouping of symbols from which to choose. Three are the top three vote-getters from the previous round; four are late submissions that I wanted to make sure had a chance. Please vote here or on the Facebook…

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Atheopagan Symbol Contest: Round 2

Where things stand: Below are the candidate symbols for the second round of voting. They include the top three from the first round. Please vote in the comments either on the Facebook group or below. Please vote by July 17, and only vote for ONE choice! What…

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Atheopagan Symbol Contest

Update: today, July 10, is the deadline for additional submissions (due to additional ideas and discussion on the Facebook group). Please mail to There will be further opportunities to comment and vote after the 10th. For those of you not on our Facebook group, where voting…

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