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The Problem of Suffering

It’s a big conundrum for many theists, particularly monotheists like Christians, Jews and Muslims: if God is good, why is there suffering in the world? Such folk will go through incredible gyrations to try to resolve this dilemma. Thousands—perhaps tens of thousands—of pages have been written in attempts to address it.

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It’s the Enemy Voice in our heads: you’re stupid. You’re crazy. You’re weak. You’re sinful. You’re damaged. You’re wrong. About everything. That voice is the Enemy. It is the soul-killer. We inherit it from parents and teachers and classmates, from religious leaders. We internalize it, make it our own, until…

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Ours is a vision of a better world. So let’s imagine it. In the world we seek to build, kindness is paramount. None are “Other” or “lesser”, be they queer or disabled or poor or differently colored in skin tone. And those who are unfortunate are helped: our society leaves…

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The Magic of a World Without Magic

Atheopagans are what is called in philosophical circles naturalists. That means that we believe that everything is a part of nature, is composed of natural material, and is subject to the laws of physics. Everything. Accordingly, barring the arrival of a substantial and compelling body of evidence in…

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Towards a Spirituality of Responsibility

Paganism is fun. It is: it’s playful, humorous, creative, sexy, joyous, and results in communities which are often wonderful to belong to*. Atheism isn’t so fun—often, it’s stuck in fascination with being “right”—but it is grounded in reason and evidence and, thus, in what we can say…

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The Atheopagan Way, and What It Isn’t

It’s not dressing as if you’re at a Renaissance Faire. Nor goth/BDSM aesthetic, all black and “witchy”. Both are fine, if you want to indulge in them. But they’re not relevant to the path. It’s not a commercial platform for selling crystals, oils, tinctures, potions, tools, incenses, candles, Tarot cards,…

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