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The 13 Atheopagan Principles

Click here for a one-page layout of the Atheopagan Principles, suitable for printing. For individual articles on each Principle, see: 1: CRITICAL THINKING 2: REVERENCE FOR THE SACRED EARTH 3: GRATITUDE 4: HUMILITY…

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An Atheopagan Life: Observances Around the Year (Sept/Oct)

Autumn on the North Coast of California is an odd time. Our climate is a Mediterranean-style cycle of winter rains and a completely dry summer, and the transitional seasons are subtle in character. In fall, we experience the hottest period of the year, as while summer mornings are characterized by…

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Now Writing for the Humanistic Paganism Blog

I’m happy to announce that I have been asked to write a monthly column for the blog Humanistic Paganism. My column will be entitled An Atheopagan Life: Musings and Observances of an Earth-honoring Atheist. I’ll link new columns here so the core Atheopagan crowd is aware of them.

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