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The Atheopagan Principles Explored: Principle 2—Honoring the Earth

This is the second installment of what will be a 13-part exploration of the Atheopagan Principles. The derivation and listing of the Principles is found in Part II of my essay “How I Became an Atheopagan”, which you can read here. To read the whole series, click…

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The Atheopagan Principles Explored: Principle 1–Critical Thinking

The 13 Atheopagan Principles are my take on a code of ethics for atheist Pagans: guidelines for living and touchstone values rooted in the Four Sacred Things of Love, Life, Truth and Beauty. Their derivation is enumerated in Part II of my essay “How I Became an Atheopagan”, which you…

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When Is a Religion For?

Recently, I attended the Bay Area Solstice, a ritual celebration of the winter solstice which springs from the rational/skeptic community. Raymond Arnold, who first organized such a solstice event in New York, from which they have spread, has crafted a passage through time in which the darkness is…

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An Atheopagan Life: Observances for November and December

Originally published at Humanistic Paganism. November and December certainly don’t lack for observances and holiday celebrations. In the temperate zone of the planet, pretty much every culture has had some way of celebrating the winter solstice, and the accumulation of many of those traditions lives with us today…

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The Conversation: How I Talk About My Religion

It’s a pretty complicated topic. Let’s face it: for someone just becoming exposed to the idea of “rational religion”, there is a lot of territory to cover: the idea that religion doesn’t have to involve gods or the supernatural; the idea of Paganism itself, which is not exactly mainstream, even…

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Is there an Atheopagan Original Sin?

So, I read this. Go ahead, you should, too. And though this piece contains much terminology that evokes Neopagan superstition (“the Old Ways”, gods, etc.), it raises the question for me of whether there is something inherent in humanity that can be characterized as a stain we carry from birth:…

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