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The Atheopagan Calendar of Moons: an Optional Set of New Observances

In the Atheopagan Saturday Zoom Mixer conversation this week, the group came up with a fantastic idea: to correlate the 13 Atheopagan Principles with the 13 cycles of the Moon each year, and observe each Moon as a time to contemplate and celebrate that particular…

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Settling for the Awesome Universe

Goddesses and gods. Fairies and ghosts. Magic spells and hexes. Dragons and griffons and mermaids. Epic. Mythic. Heroic. Awesome. Well of course they are. We are story-telling creatures, and who doesn’t love a good story? If these were pedestrian tales, and boring, why would we listen to them? Why would…

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That Shameful Secret

For some, it’s the atheism. For others, the Paganism. And for others still, of course, both. There is a lot of prejudice and delusion out there, and people jealously guard their beliefs. When confronted with someone who believes differently, many of them…well, not to put too fine a…

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Because I Cannot Be Silent

“George Floyd! George Floyd! George Floyd! SAY HIS NAME!”Protesters in my city, June 2, 2020 There is nothing I can say that has not been said, more articulately and with more authority. There is nothing I can add that doesn’t come through a filter of privilege. There is…

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On Authenticity

Many religious people and paths—including many Pagans and Pagan traditions—place a great premium on claims of authenticity: that their mythologies, traditions and practices are, for want of a better word, “real”. “Real” ancient lore or rites. “Real” narratives about god/desses. “Real” translations of “real” ancient texts. “Real” rituals, real traditions,…

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