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Major Update to the Atheopagan Hymnal

It’s been a long time since updating the Atheopagan Hymnal, which is a collection of songs, poetry, invocations and benedictions for use in Atheopagan rituals and gatherings. This is a major update–I’ve added sheet music to a lot of the songs, and increased the content to nearly 60 pages! Thanks…

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Midsummer 2023—The Height of the Light

These are the long days, in the Northern Hemisphere. The days of long, languid evenings, full of song and sex and celebration. Cookouts and trips to the beach; days of sunblock and wide-brimmed hats. It’s Midsummer: the Sabbath of Leisure. I imagine this was the way in Olde Europe: crops…

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Self-Initiation Rituals

Sometimes you know you have crossed–or are about to cross–a threshold. You are moving from one chapter in your life to another, or changing your status in some way. Perhaps it’s attainment of a professional license, or moving to another location. Perhaps it’s taking on a new role that you…

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With the Fog, Summer has Returned

In many modern Pagan reckonings of the seasons, as well as in some places in the world like Ireland, the solstices and equinoxes do not mark the beginnings, but rather the peaks of each season. The “cross-quarters” in February, May, August and November are the seasonal beginnings. So…

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May Day: What do YOU Think?

Atheopaganism is a religious path in a general sense, but it’s really a diverse set of individual paths that each of us crafts for ourselves, using pieces of my work or the work of other community members and our own creativity and spirituality. That’s the way we want it!…

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