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Living an Earth-Honoring Path Rooted in Science


Here in the northern hemisphere, it’s dark time now. Three weeks to the solstice, with lights going up on houses and cars with trees atop showing up in traffic, en route to home and decoration and love. There is the consumer frenzy of the Overculture, too, of course, but I…

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Planning for Eerie Season

October is nearly here! The witchiest, gothiest, most autumntacular time of year is once again approaching. If you’re like me, October requires some time commitment and advanced planning in order to get every sanguine drop out of the season. So here is a description of all the stuff I do…

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The season of the Harvest Sabbath is upon us again, and it is time for celebration and stock-taking! This Sabbath sometimes gets short shrift, coming as it does on the heels of every Pagan’s favorite witchy month. But it’s an important observance time and…

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The Long Swing into Darkness

The sky has gone hard blue now, and the fog cycle has begun to stutter. Summer is leaving, it’s in the air, and I can feel the good cozy days of colored leaves and the spooky season on the horizon. The angle of the light has changed,…

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The Sabbath of Technology

Sabbaths have layers: layers of history, of symbolism, of metaphor. Each of the eight Sabbaths of the Atheopagan Wheel of the Year carries a rich complex of meanings and practices, new or old, and layers of history and memory. As a community, our Atheopagan ethic…

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Major Update to the Atheopagan Hymnal

It’s been a long time since updating the Atheopagan Hymnal, which is a collection of songs, poetry, invocations and benedictions for use in Atheopagan rituals and gatherings. This is a major update–I’ve added sheet music to a lot of the songs, and increased the content to nearly 60 pages! Thanks…

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