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A Winter Spell

O cold, inexorable darkness Draw back now beyond these circling walls. Should fear, and want, and danger walk It shall not be, it is not here. Let this place of warming light Bulwark against freezing night: a promise Holding through the day that we, come nightfall…

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Vigil Winter stands in the corner of my garden, Rounds her shoulders, tucks her chin, draws tight her cloak of stars and ice, Razor moon and rain. Spare and erect, gaunt in the darkness,…

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“Pantheism, Archetype, and Deities in Ritual, Part 3” by Shauna Aura Knight

More, and powerfully, effectively communicated. I recommend Pt. 2, also but reblogging the whole series feels like stealing rather than excerpting. Go find it at!…

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“Pantheism, Archetype, and Deities in Ritual, Part 1” by Shauna Aura Knight

This is a wonderful description of an approach to ritual that is very close to mine. I consider that “experience of the divine” to be a particular numinous brain state that is a neurochemical phenomenon, but the point is arriving at that state. That’s what ritual is for, whatever you…

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An Atheopagan Life–High Spring and the Renewal of the World

Here at the end of February, it is finally obvious that the Sun is coming back. The sunset has pushed back a full hour, and there is still light in the sky at 6:30. The drought hasn’t left us here in California this year, despite some encouraging storms early on.

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The Jewel—A Solitary Ritual

This is a solitary ritual for personal growth and healing work. It is especially recommended for those who struggle with suffering due to past abuse or neglect. Arrange a Focus with a mirror in the center, flanked by candles, and a cup or chalice of wine or flavorful juice. Burn…

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