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Why Paganism Hasn’t Failed…Yet.

John Halstead has written an article around a table lifted from the anthology Deep Green Resistance*. It’s a great piece: go ahead and read it. I’d say that’s about 2/3 of a perfect assessment of modern Paganism and the current Pagan…

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Soil and Sky; Love and Joy

There are those who try to hijack Paganism in the name of their bigotry and their hatred: who crow “blood and soil!” as if that means something. As if it is anything more than an adolescent boy’s angry braying. Like most big lies, the “blood and soil” of neo-Nazis–some of…

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When I think about Paganism, the first thing that comes to my mind is reverence for Nature–for the physical Earth. For Life, here and now. And I think that’s true of a lot of theistic Pagans, too. For Pagans–theists and Atheopagans alike–direct access to the Sacred* is a core aspect…

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Paganism and Transgression: Some Questions

From Gardner’s nudism and enthusiasm for sadomasochism, which he folded into the foundation of Wicca… …to taking and embracing the label “witch” (and, to a lesser degree, “pagan”)… …to taking unusual names and adopting radical environmental and social politics… …to everything about Aleister Crowley… …the roots…

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The Last Pantheacon, and What’s Next

Pantheacon, the largest indoor gathering of Pagans in North America, is no more. For a variety of reasons, Glenn Turner, the organizer, has decided to close it down and is retiring. I have been associated with PCon for a very long time. I attended the first one…

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Growth is Change

Paganism generally—and Atheopaganism specifically—comprise intersecting sets of growing communities. And as we grow, we change. Generally, for example, the Atheopaganism Facebook group has been a very kind, warm context, but there has been more friction lately, and a need for more hands-on moderation. This is inevitable. When we were a…

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