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Midsummer 2023—The Height of the Light

These are the long days, in the Northern Hemisphere. The days of long, languid evenings, full of song and sex and celebration. Cookouts and trips to the beach; days of sunblock and wide-brimmed hats. It’s Midsummer: the Sabbath of Leisure. I imagine this was the way in Olde Europe: crops…

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Midsummer 2020

In the Northern Hemisphere, the long days are upon us*! These are the days of Midsummer. Click here for all the previous posts about this Sabbath. To me, Midsummer is the celebration of the prime of life–of robust, confident adulthood (rather than the urgent young adulthood…

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CANCELED: Midsummer Dawn event

Regrettably, projected spread of the COVID-19 virus indicates that it is simply not safe to plan a group gathering for late June, so I have been forced to cancel Midsummer Dawn 2020. I will refund the registration fees of those who have signed up over the next few days. I’m…

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Midsummer Dawn: A Regional Pagan Event

Midsummer Dawn is a low-tech Pagan gathering for those of us who miss events like Ancient Ways. We’ll do a couple of (non-theist) rituals in the evenings, but mostly focus on socializing and building community. Two nights under the magnificent stars in the exquisite Sugarloaf Ridge State Park in Sonoma…

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Historically, Midsummer—also known as the summer solstice, or the Longest Day, coming up this year on June 21—was a time of enjoyment. Crops had been planted, but they weren’t bearing yet, so there was little to do but celebrate the long days and have a good time.

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A Ritual of Ease for Midsummer

My circle met at my home yesterday. I’ve been circling with the same group for 27 years as of this upcoming Hallows (Samhain). We started as a group of six, and over time have expanded to ten, but all the original members are still here. It’s pretty remarkable. Dark Sun…

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