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Living an Earth-Honoring Path Rooted in Science


It’s been awhile since I mentioned our podcast, THE WONDER: Science-Based Paganism, hosted by Yucca and myself. We’ve been publishing for about 20 months now, and I hope you will check us out! For your convenience, here are links to the episodes published to date. Enjoy! Interview: Sedna…

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Summer’s Waning

So I’ve finally settled on a name for the August Sabbath…or two of them, really, because I like “Dimming” quite a bit as well. It’s not really “Summer’s End”–at least, not where I live–although I can still consider it the beginning of the autumn season. Hot days lay…

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The Last Pantheacon, and What’s Next

Pantheacon, the largest indoor gathering of Pagans in North America, is no more. For a variety of reasons, Glenn Turner, the organizer, has decided to close it down and is retiring. I have been associated with PCon for a very long time. I attended the first one…

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A Solar Reflection

It’s the day after Midsummer—at least, here in the Northern Hemisphere—and it’s hot and sunny, as one would expect. Meanwhile, the chaos weather of global climate change goes on: Banff had 25 cm of snow last night. I had a quiet Midsummer: set out my…

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Ritual Tools I Find Useful

Ritual tools are physical objects with which one performs symbolic ritual acts. In more formal “occult” systems there are prescribed sets of these tools, but in Atheopaganism, we’re strictly practical about them; we use what is useful to us. The items below are things I use in rituals, in combination…

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Themes for Atheopagan “Welcoming” Gatherings

This past weekend, a handful of us threw a successful Atheopagan gathering for the Harvest Sabbath. Not everyone there was an Atheopagan. Not everyone there had even heard of Atheopaganism. But we ate and drank and socialized and circled together, and a good time was had by all. And…

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