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REGISTRATION IS OPEN! Moon Meet 2018—A Gathering of Atheopagans and Friends

The second annual Moon Meet is a congregation of Atheopagans, non-theist Pagans and others interested in our paths, held from Friday, August 24 through Sunday, August 26, on private land on a redwood-covered mountain near Healdsburg, in the beautiful wine country of Sonoma County, California.

Registration is now open! Click here to register!

Moon Meet—named because we will hold it during the weekend of the full moon—is a group camping gathering; a few indoor sleeping locations are available by prior arrangement for those disabled or coming from distance and unable to bring their gear along.

We will share meals and workshops, hold a community discussion about how our Atheopagan community is developing and how best to move forward, and design and celebrate rituals together. We will share songs, poems and our creativity around the fire. And there will be time for hiking in a beautiful setting, or excursions to nearby wineries and historic sites.

Event pricing is $90– the minimum necessary to defray expenses. This includes five meals. Children under 16 are $30. A small fee will also be charged to pay for the registration service, Brown Paper Tickets. 

Prices will go up to $100 on June 15, so please register early!

This second annual Moon Meet grows out of a frequent request in the Atheopagan Facebook group, that we find ways of physically convening as well as virtually gathering online.


Please contact us now! Use the form on the Atheopaganism blog’s “Contact” page. Workshop slots are 90 minutes in length.

I hope to see you there!


  1. Blessings…can you please email all the information to me at, I would appreciate that a lot! I really want to come to this event w my 7 year old son. We will be coming from the Grass Valley area. Thank you very much and are so looking forward to this!

  2. Please email me with more info or deals since I am bringing my family hive of 5 (2adults & 3 kids:9,7,2) we have a rv and would like to see if their is room to park it near the action. Thank u

    1. Hi, Chris–I don’t have an email address for you–could you make your request through the “Contact” page here on the Atheopaganism website?

      RVs will have to be parked at the bottom of the hill and participants shuttled up; the road is a 4WD-only dirt road and there is no way an RV can reach the site. I look forward to meeting you all!

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