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The Jewel—A Solitary Ritual

This is a solitary ritual for personal growth and healing work. It is especially recommended for those who struggle with suffering due to past abuse or neglect.

Arrange a Focus with a mirror in the center, flanked by candles, and a cup or chalice of wine or flavorful juice. Burn a delicious-smelling incense: I recommend Russian Orthodox incense (available at most Orthodox book stores) for this ritual. It may help to print the meditations on little cards and prop them against the bottom of the mirror so you can read them while maintaining your gaze on your reflection.

Close your eyes and concentrate on your breath–going in, and out, your clothes shifting as your chest rises and falls. Breathe deeply, from the belly. Feel where gravity holds you down against the Earth. Drink the good air and know it is a gift, a sustaining gift of the World to you. Wait until you are calm and centered, then open your eyes.

Gaze into your eyes in the mirror. Speak this meditation slowly and with measured cadence:

You are a jewel. Many facets, unique, an artwork of the Universe. 

You are perfect. You are as you should be, in this moment.

You are loved. You are worthy of love.

You are a jewel. No other could replace you. You are welcome here.

Repeat seven times. You may feel tension and resistance as you say these words, because parts of you don’t believe them. That’s okay–the point of this ritual is to strengthen the parts that do.

After the seventh time, take and let out a deep breath. Then say,

I am a jewel. I am unique, an artwork of the Universe. 

I am perfect. I am as I should be, in this moment.

I am loved. I am worthy of love.

I am a jewel. I belong here.

Repeat three times.

Close by sipping the wine or juice until it is gone. Know that this pleasure, this gift is your birthright: you deserve happiness.

Close your eyes and blow out the candles. The ritual is done.


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