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Post 600

This website was created on August 19, 2014.

At that point, it had become unwieldy to share information and resources as Facebook files to our growing community, and it was clearly time to have a publicly accessible venue for development of thought, exploration of ideas, announcement of events and access to downloadable resources.

More than 120,000 site visits, two books (with one on the way), 137 podcasts, 28 YouTube videos, 3 in-person community events and the help of dozens of community volunteers later, here we are, with the 600th post to the blog.

Our community has mushroomed in size and complexity, including formation of our own nonprofit Atheopagan Society, and Atheopaganism is well-established in the Pagan community (except in the minds of a narrow few) as a legitimate religious path.

We have more on the horizon: an online conference this year, another in-person Suntree Retreat gathering in Colorado next year, the recently revitalized YouTube channel‘s weekly videos. We’re growing as a community and deepening our practices with new ideas like the recently floated Atheopagan Action Day. Affinity groups have sprung up across the globe and for communities of interest, and some of them have started to hold in-person as well as online gatherings, and new columnists have joined me as writers here. A calendar project and a ‘zine are in progress.

8-1/2 years may seem like a long time, but this is a tremendous amount of development and activity for that short a span.

I cannot thank you enough for your warmth, generosity of spirit, curiosity, intellect and dedication to meaningful and kind values. The Atheopagan community is a great place to be, and it is the thousands of members who make it up that keep it that way*.

600 posts. That’s about six solid book-lengths! Amazing.

Guess I’ll get started on the next 600.

Thank you for being a part of what we are creating here. May Life, Truth, Love and Beauty decorate your days and bring meaning to your heart. So be it!

*That, and the moderators and admins, who are complete rock stars and deserve all the appreciation we can muster!


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