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From the Atheopagan Society: A Statement of Policy Values

Ours is an engaged spirituality: engaged in society, engaged in the world. Atheopagans care not only about our own growth, joy in living, discovery and wonder, but the well-being of our fellow humans and the biosphere of which we are each a part.

Our Atheopagan values, enshrined in the Four Sacred Pillars and the 13 Principles, are modern, progressive, inclusive, and in some cases have radical implications for improving conditions in our world. We understand the destructive and unsustainably rapacious nature of industrial capitalism, and know the values that dominate the world must change for justice, biodiversity, kindness and happiness to prevail.

This is not just abstract. Activism is a part of our movement and we see engagement in social change as not supplemental, but essential to the practice of Atheopaganism, whether it is as little as simply to vote, or as much as to organize a mass movement or run for office.

But statements of general values can sometimes be too unspecific to serve as actual policy guidance. Accordingly, the nonprofit Atheopagan Society, after review, input and edits to a draft by many members of our community, has approved a Statement of Policy Values.

These statements, thirteen in number, reflect the world we hope to see: a world of thriving life, justice, liberty, equality and happiness. They will serve as a guiding star for Atheopagan activist efforts over time and hopefully around the world.

The Society, of which I am a member of the directing Council, is deeply grateful to everyone who participated in the crafting and perfecting of the Statement. It is an expression of positions of which we can rightly all be proud.


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