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Announcing the Atheopagan Library

A new feature launched today at the Atheopagan Society website: a set of pages providing links to articles, videos, books, websites and other resources that may be useful to Atheopagans in developing their practices, homeschooling, research or simple reading interest. We are calling this collection, which will continue to grow over time, The Library.

The Library is an important step forward for our community because it offers a central repository for useful information that Atheopagans can draw on for years to come on subjects ranging from rituals to parenting to relationships to science and critical thinking curricula. It will offer creative opportunities to parents and teachers, serious works for study for adult students, and inspiration for us all.

Many thanks to Atheopagan Society Council member Robin C., who spearheaded this project and did hours of work developing the infrastructure for it, and to the whole Society Education Committee. Go check it out!


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