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The Unthinkable

Because it has never happened before, we think it cannot be.

And this is ironic, because we believe that in our aspirations and efforts, we can make what has never been.

We know that with heart and work, we can make a better, kinder world.

Unfortunately, those with awful values and hatred in their hearts also aspire and try. And with enough effort–and enough indulgence and blindness on the part of those who surround them–they, too, can make manifest.

As happened on Wednesday in the murderous, seditious attack on the United States Capitol.

There is much to say about this and it has been said elsewhere. I don’t need to go into details.

But in the darkness of this time, in the confusion and fear and anger this event has provoked among decent and goodhearted people throughout the world, there is a lesson to be taken, and it is not only that we must redouble efforts to stamp out hatred in our societies.

It is also that the need for what we are about, Atheopagans, has never been so great. Not in our lifetimes, in any case.

Never has the need been so strong for strong and vigilant efforts for equality, for democracy, for kindness.

For love.

Because hatred has been steadily stoked in recent years, by the fascist would-be dictator Trump and by the sorry, deluded and dangerous people who are his cult. Tremendous effort has been invested in building up this hatred, paranoia and fanaticism.

We must be the opposite. We must be the force for love in the world: not in a naive, Christian turn-the-other-cheek way, but through tangible action, strategic advance and devoted fealty to our true and kind hearts.

This is a frightening time. There has been an attempt at a revolution of hate, and there will probably be another before the inauguration of the new President.

So stay safe, stay strong, and hold the vision, friends. We’re in this for the long term and with diligence and commitment, the way of love will prevail.


  1. Unfortunately it has not unthinkable for a long time now and in fact was damned foreseeable. The Trump movement has embraced political terror as a perfectly legitimate option to power and one that is if not the preferred mode, at least completely on par with the electoral process.

  2. “We’re in this for the long term …”
    Good to meet you, Mark: I’ve been searching for fellow bloggers of kind vision. Just looking to support and to be supported.
    Best regards,

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