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Sisters and brothers
And genderqueer others, beloveds:
Let us not bow our heads.

No, let us not bow our heads. Instead,
Let us fling them back, arms stretched
Wide to the world, mouths gaping in awe

For there–THERE–is the sky. The simple,
Miraculous sky, blue or gray by day
Dark by night, pale scrim of air

That is breath that is rain
That keeps the radiation out.
The sky’s wide vault, the Temple of Being

Upon this good wide Earth.
Gaze upward, knowing
This is what I am, where I live,

This is the miracle that is me.
Do not despair. Be of stout heart, for surely
Those who live entire lives in a Temple

Must be blessed.
Know your good fortune.
Say aaaahhhhhhhh.


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