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Call for Workshops! Moon Meet 2018

Hi, folks! We’re gathering proposals for workshops at Moon Meet 2018–we have some, but could use more!

Moon Meet is a gathering of Atheopagans, other nontheist Pagans and those interested in or curious about our paths, to be held on the weekend of Aug. 24-26, 2018. It is held on private land in the hills outside of Healdsburg, in Sonoma County, California. For details, click here.

Workshop slots are 90 minutes long. Typical topics are teaching ritual chants, drumming, dance/movement/tai chi/yoga etc., ritual poetry writing, and crafting ritual tools.

We’re excited at the prospect of the second year of Moon Meet, and look forward to meeting you there!



  1. As much as the thought of being there and sharing and learning, There is no way I can or could make it. Yet the very thought of the idea is so tempting, now I wish such was truly available in my area.

  2. Living in an area where being a pagan is one among so many who are anything but, even attempting to do as you say (create my own event). I would be alone and wondering why. So what new excuse can you give?

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