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A Deeper Look into Atheopagan Moon Observances

Not long ago, I posted about a wonderful idea that arose during the weekly Saturday Atheopagan Zoom mixer: to corollate the 13 Moon cycles of the year with the 13 Atheopagan Principles.

This enables us to have “themes” for each Moon cycle of the year, and to more deeply contemplate each of the Principles as its cycle rolls around.

So I floated the idea before, but no details about how each of these Moons might be celebrated. Here is a more fleshed-out presentation of these Moon themes and what we might incorporate into our celebrations of them.

Note that because the Moon cycles do not mesh regularly with the solar calendar, these Moon observances will move around the year, falling on different dates and even different months than they did in a previous year.

Atheopagan Full Moons 2020-21

Moon NameObservances and Themes
SKEPTIC’S MOONDecember 29, 2020
A celebration of critical thinking and science! Honor scientific heroes, discoveries and advances, and give thanks for the benefits they bring to your life. If you have binoculars or a telescope, take a look at the Moon and observe its detail–that’s a real ball of rock, 200,000 miles away, exerting gravitational effects on us that Life depends on!
REVERENCE MOONJanuary 28, 2021
A Moon for celebrating the Sacred Earth and Cosmos. Reflect on the extraordinary beauty and intricacy of the Universe and of Life on Earth. Perhaps a moonlight hike? Or reading (or writing) some reverent poetry?
GRATITUDE MOONFebruary 27, 2021
What reasons do you have to feel grateful? Write them down! Name your many blessings, and give thanks. Raise a toast to them, and the good fortune that has given them to you.
HUMBLE MOONMarch 28, 2021
We are small and temporary creatures. What do you need to get moving on, before you run out of time? Is there some way your ego has been getting in your way–or the way of others? Reflect on these questions this month.
LAUGHTER MOONApril 27, 2021
It helps to have a little perspective! Life is many things, but one of them is absurd! Perhaps it’s time to watch a comedy and just give yourself over to laughter for awhile.
RITUAL MOONMay 26, 2021
This Moon cycle is about our praxis: the things we do that make us Atheopagans. So get out in the moonlight and do a ritual: lay out a Focus, “charge” moonwater, read some Tarot, create a new tool, etc.
What kinds of people in your community do you not have much connection with? Maybe you can support a minority-owned business this month, or make an effort to connect with people who are different than you.
LEGACY MOONJuly 24, 2021
When you are gone, what will you leave behind for future generations? If you don’t think you will have much of a legacy, consider what you can do to pay forward the gifts and blessings you have enjoyed in your life, even if it’s just kindness to children.
What can you do to help others? Is it time for a round of charitable giving, or volunteering? Maybe you can do some kind of community-focused project as your “ritual” for this month.
Remainder of 2020
PLEASURE MOONSept. 2, 2020
Time for a little hedonism! What gives you real, bodily pleasure? Maybe this full Moon is a good night for a delicious feast, or some sex, or a hot bath, or all three!
Is there a topic you have always wanted to learn more about? How about a culture you want more deeply to understand, or an artist whose work you would like to explore? It’s a world rich with knowledge and creative works–hit the books or Interwebs and learn something new!
INTEGRITY MOONOct 31, 2020 (Blue Moon, Halloween)
Time for a frank assessment: do you owe someone an apology? Or a debt? Is it time to “come clean” about something, or stand up for what is right? This Moon cycle is about keeping your internal “chart of accounts” in the black. Do what you must to know you are acting with good character.
KINDNESS MOONNov. 30, 2020
Time to spread a little love around! Who do you know who could use a boost, a kind word, a compassionate gesture? Who have you had conflict with who you can try to view with a compassionate lens? This Moon cycle, redouble your efforts to be a kind and compassionate person.

All dates shown are GMT. Dates may change by one day depending on time zone.


  1. Hi Mark, just looking at this for the year ahead and I notice it ends in Aug. Am I correct in thinking that it continues Sept 21st with the Pleasure Moon and it will just continue on like that, through the 13 Principles? Thanks 🙂

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