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An Atheopagan Tarot Spread

I have written before about “divination” and particularly the use of complex symbol systems such as runes or Tarot cards in Atheopaganism. We can use these symbol sets to access our intuitive and subconscious understandings of our situations, despite the fact that the arrangement of the cards (runes, bones, tea leaves, etc.) is random.

When reading Tarot, what I am always looking for is that sense of deep recognition: when a particular card in a particular position just feels wise and right and true.

I have long since divested myself of the commonplace “Celtic Cross” layout which is the most commonly taught layout for the cards, and thought today I would share a layout I have devised which is consistent with my Atheopagan practice.


The reading begins with a reader declaration: The aspect of my life this reading applies to is…

And then the eight cards are laid out, as above.

  1. Where I have been.
  2. Where am I headed now (if I keep doing what I am doing).
  3. What is known.
  4. What is hidden to me.
  5. My challenge is…
  6. How I can help myself to evolve?
  7. This evolution will help me to…
  8. Theme/summation/archetype


In the reading above, my declaration was, “The aspect of my life this reading applies to is career and finances.”

  1. I have been worried and fearful, perhaps not noticing some of the good in my life for fear of survival.
  2. Where I am headed now is to confront and overcome this fear. I am on a good track.
  3. What is known is that it is an economically hostile world. Opportunities can be hard to come by, and previous encounters haven’t necessarily worked out.
  4. What is hidden, however, is the opportunity presented by an expansive vision and a willingness to take risks.
  5. My challenge is a feeling of imprisonment, of being trapped. Of not having options.
  6. I can help myself to evolve by transitioning out of “refugee” status: no longer thinking of myself as powerless, but rather having new opportunities.
  7. This evolution will help me to master my economic fate, and thrive.
  8. The summation of this is that I have prioritized other areas like love and relationships over money-making. It is not a “failing” to be in this circumstance now.

If the Tarot spreads you have been using don’t feel quite right, give this one a try!


  1. Appreciate this, Mark.
    I’ve never been completely comfortable with the “Celtic Cross”, choosing more often to simply lay out three cards as a sort of “past, present, future” thing, but this fills in a lot of the gaps.
    Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter what the pattern is, as long as we identify what the position represents. Our subconscious will do the rest.
    Let me just say, while we’re on the subject, that I’m glad Atheopaganism is open to divination- or, whatever we’re going to call it. The cards (or the Runes, or the bones, or whatever) can’t tell us the future, but they can help us understand ourselves, and that’s of value.
    Be well. -Buff

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